So, I seem to be about to do some cosplaying

So, I seem to be about to do some cosplaying


We’re going to go to a Thorpe Park Fright Night again this year, having enjoyed it so much last year. The difference is that this year we’re going to go in costume, having seen quite a few people do it last year. We had such fun at Universal Studios this summer that it seemed perfectly right when my daughter suggested that we go as Death Eaters… so decision made. Then I mentioned the plan to Lady…

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"Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to pull your pants back up, I’m going to give this sunflower back to the elves, and we are never going to speak of this again"

-Cleric to Ranger

Game Write-Ups

I’m a bit behind, it’s just been a busy couple of weeks with work and general chaos – so I’ve only just got round to writing up last week’s game. I’ll aim to get this week’s one done this weekend.

In the meantime – well, Destiny. I’ve been playing both solo and with a widening circle of friends, and have even set up an XBox Clan called PessimistChictoday to give us a shot at some of the…

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